Natural and easy to drink wine

Tchin à Jeannette


Neither rose nor red Tchin a Jeanette is a refreshing wine with a lively acidity and red fruit notes, perfect for aperitif, bbq and spicy meals.
Tchin a Jeanette is intriguing to the masculine palate and seductive to the feminine one.
It’s a beautiful wine making adventure for me, the winemaker, as well as you – a wine lover and taster of authentic cuvees.



Natural red and fuity wine.

Dark and deep colour with hints of purple and a spicy nose of crushed dark fruit and blackcurrant flower.

In the mouth it bursts with fruit while offering a silky texture.

It’s a wine to share with friends, just as I like it, without any fuss ! Only pleasure and fun!

The winemaker


I fell in love with vine and wine while going through my first work experience in hospitality. During those years food and wine pairing turned into a pleasant and adventurous discovery of taste. Gradually, my passion grew and expanded to the complete transformation of the grape. I became a winemaker when I was already over 40 and so I am a neo-winemaker.

Fast forward a couple of years, in 2019, I acquired a parcel in Congénies, close to Nîmes in le Gard department, in the South of France.

Le Domaine Les Vignes de Gaia was founded.

I embarked on the preparation for my first vintage with great passion and also apprehension of various challenges waiting ahead. 

I vinify natural wines bursting with fruitiness, pleasant to taste and share, thirst quenching and gobbling wines to enjoy with friends,…with all the values and standards of my sommelier palate. 

Young winemaker? Not really at over 40. Neo-winemaker? Yes, it’s how I’ve designated myself.

With no family history of farming or winemaking, I launched myself into this on my own, driven by passion and willingness to learn nature… and I can’t ask for more!

Starting a winemakers pursuit from zero is an enriching and complex adventure, just like a wine tasting.

My oenoguide

In this guide I invite you to disover 14 carefully selected winemakers who I chose because either my taste buds were utterly seduced or I was pleasantly surprised, or, perhaps, because I realised that without any advice it would be difficult to come across them.   

All 3 of the above reasons also apply in some cases.



Wishing you a wonderful tasting experience. Tchin!



Clic on the picture and download the oenoguide, enjoy !